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Typical Pluto+ Setup

Two common QO-100 setups are via a Pluto+ (or Adalm Pluto, but if you're buying one specifically you might as well get a the Pluto+) or via up/down converters using a 2/70cm SSB capable radio, e.g. IC-705 together with a SDR reciever.

This diagram has my callsign on it, but it's not my design, I just drew it. Also includes my estimates of the power. In operation I've found I'm at 85% in SDR console, which I think is circa 10-12W out, and I'm similar signal strength to the centre beacon. I've spoken to others with 1.2-1.8m dishes and they use 2-5W.

Bill of Materials

This is based in UK in 2023. Some optimisation possible. Dish/coax is probably overpriced.

PartStorePrice inc. shipping
Pluto+ SDRAliexpress£201
CN-0417 pre-ampDigikey£43
SG Labs 20W PASG Labs€147
2.4 GHz helix antennanolle engineering€126
80cm dish, mount, RX cableSatellite Super Store£108
Bullseye LNBAmazon£31
Biased teeAmazon£24
12V/5V DC-DC convertereBay£4.90
12V/28V DC-DC convertereBay£7.45
Power Supply (Meanwell 12V 5A 60W Power Supply (GST60A12)) and 10m cablePiHut£31
TX Coax (LMR-400-UF) and fittingsBarenco£65
Waterproof boxScrewfix£40


If you run Windows you might as well use SDR Console, particularly for the geobeacon frequency locking. See their docs. However, as you're on then you probably won't be running Windows LOL, so check out alternatives on here.

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