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Various tools, scripts and helpers that did not fit into any other category:

Name Description Language License Platform
Leo Bodnar GPSDO Configuration Utility This is a command line utility to calculate, analyze, retriev and update the configuration of the Leo Bodnar GPSDO device. Python GPLv3 Windows, Mac, Linux
DMR Search simple little tool that can search several DMR Databases locally by Call or DMR ID. By DO5RSW C# CC-BY-NC Win
DXPager This script is a bot that sends you DAPNET messages if a DX station is spotted whose entity you have not worked/confirmed before. Python ? Windows, Mac, Linux
vim-fle-syntax Vim syntax plugin for writing Fast Log Entry ( compatible log files in Vim. vim MIT Windows, Mac, Linux
pyBMNotify Monitors a defined set of Brandmeister talkgroups and callsigns for activity. It then sends push notifications via the following services for any transmission in / of the monitored talk groups / call signs Python ? Windows, Mac, Linux
ColorSpot This script is a command line DX cluster client. It adds the following benefits to the default telnet stream: displays the DX station's country, displays the DX station's continent, displays if the DX station uses LotW, downloads your LotW QSL file and marks all lines with countries that need to be confirmed (optional), displays lines in different colors depending on the continent or band (user configurable) Python BSD Windows, Mac, Linux
SvxLink Advanced repeater controller and EchoLink software for Linux including a GUI, Qtel - The Qt EchoLink client C++ ? Linux
SPLAT! SPLAT! is an RF Signal Propagation, Loss, And Terrain analysis tool for the electromagnetic spectrum between 20 MHz and 20 GHz. Applications of SPLAT! include site engineering, wireless network design, amateur radio communications, frequency coordination, communication system design, and terrestrial analog and digital television and radio broadcasting. GPLv2 or newer C++ Linux
kel-agent An agent program for translating between various amateur radio installed programs and WebSockets. This was built to support but can be used by any web application that needs to communicate with amateur radio installed programs. Apache-2.0 license Go Windows, Mac, Linux
HamClock HamClock is a kiosk-style application that provides real time space weather, radio propagation models, operating events and other information particularly useful to the radio amateur. An easy to follow step by step set of instructions on how to build HAMClock on a RaspberryPi or Linux PC can be found Here C++ MIT Windows, Mac, Linux, ESP8266
antennavis Antennavis is a visualization toolkit designed to aid the user in better understanding the data output by the NEC2 antenna modelling software. ? C Linux
nec2c NEC2 simulates near and far field radiation patterns of antennas ? C Linux
Quansheng Dock A Windows application that allows remote operation of the Quansheng UV-K5 (and equivalent) hand-held radios via the programming cable GPLv2 C# Windows
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