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Below is the main Node-RED information. This is the first step in building your own Node-RED programming environment.

Project Name Description Language License Platform
Node-RED Node-RED is a programming tool for wiring together hardware devices, APIs and online services in new and interesting ways. It provides a browser-based editor that makes it easy to wire together flows using the wide range of nodes in the palette that can be deployed to its runtime in a single-click. Javascript OpenJS Foundation Mac/Win/Linux

Nodes are used to create functionality within your Node-RED flows. Below are some of the most commonly used nodes for Amateur Radio operators.

Node Name Description Language License Platform
node-red-contrib-wsjt-x A Node-Red node to handle the decoding and encoding of WSJT-X (and JTDX) data. Javascript MIT Mac/Win/Linux
node-red-contrib-web-worldmap A Node-RED node to provide a web page of a world map for plotting things on. Javascript Apache-2.0 Mac/Win/Linux
node-red-contrib-xmlrpc A Node-RED wrapper around XML-RPC implementation. Use this node to control radio equipment connected to a PC via FLRig. Easy to use and incorporate into a flow. (Note there is a bug in the node, must add 0.1 onto any numerical value sent via the node for it to work. The 0.1 is not sent onto the equipment connected). XML ISC Mac/Win/Linux
node-red-contrib-ui-led A simple LED status indicator for the Node-RED Dashboard Javascript MIT Mac/Win/Linux
node-red-contrib-ui-digital-display A digital display, with adjustable number of digits and decimals, for the Node-RED Dashboard. Great for a VFO Frequency Display. Javascript MIT Mac/Win/Linux
node-red-contrib-flightradar24 A Node-RED node to retrieve plane locations from the flightradar24 service. Javascript Apache-2.0 Mac/Win/Linux
node-red-dashboard A set of dashboard nodes for Node-RED. This set of nodes is great for creating virtual radios and control dashboards in Node-RED. An example can be found on the M0AWS Blog Here Javascript Apache-2.0 Mac/xWin/Linu
node-red-contrib-aprs2 Node-RED Nodes for connecting to APRS-IS and sending & receiving APRS and CWOP Frames. Javascript Apache-2.0 Mac/Win/Linux
node-red-contrib-flexradio FlexRadio Network Control and Monitoring Nodes Javascript MIT Mac/Win/Linux
node-red-contrib-rtl_433 RTL_433 Node-RED node outputs message payloads from the rtl_433 tool. Javascript Apache-2.0 Linux/RaspberryPi
node-red-contrib-meshtastic Meshtastic protobuf converter for Node-RED. Javascript GPL-3.0-only Mac/Win/Linux
node-red-contrib-aedes Node-Red MQTT broker node based on aedes.js. Can be used for Meshtastic MQTT or any other MQTT based project. Use instead of using Mosquito or another MQTT broker package. Javascript MIT Mac/Win/Linux

The table below details some Amateur Radio focused flows that are available for download for both the new and experienced Node-RED user.

Project Name Description Language License Platform
Realtime WSJT-X decode data map A Node-RED flow that accepts input from the WSJT-X application and plots the DX station information onto a World Map web page in realtime. Javascript Free to use/modify Mac/Win/Linux
Create a Map of contacts from the WSJT-X Logfile A Node-RED flow that reads the WSJT-X Logfile and plots all contacts onto a World Map web page. Javascript Free to use/modify Mac/Win/Linux
Use a Griffin Powermate with SDR via Node Red A Node-RED flow that enables use of a Griffin Powermate VFO Knob with an SDR or other device. BASH script Free to use/modify Mac/Linux/UNIX
Baofeng Data TX/RX This Node-RED flow (and associated circuits/hardware) is designed to allow Node-RED to pass messages via radio waves in the same way as it passes messages via MQTT, using commonly-available, inexpensive handheld radios and a RaspberryPi. ? ? Linux/RaspberryPi
Node-RED QO-100 Ground Station Dashboard Deep Dive into a Node-RED QO-100 Satellite Ground Station Dashboard. Javascript/BASH Free to use/modify Linux/RaspberryPi/Mac

It can sometimes be necessary to write your own function within your Node-RED flow to add functionality that isn't readily available. Below are a few functions that are useful for the Amateur Radio enthusiast.

Function Name Description Language License Platform
Maidenhead-to-LAT-LON-Converter Converts the standard Maidenhead Locator into LAT/LON coordinates Javascript Free to use/modify Mac/Win/Linux
Calculate Distance between two points Calculates the distance between two points on the earth using LAT/LON coordinates Javascript Free to use/modify Mac/Win/Linux
Calculate Beam Heading to DX station Calculates the Beam heading from home QTH to DX Station using LAT/LON coordinates Javascript Free to use/modify Mac/Win/Linux

To Do

Add more nodes, flows and functions

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