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Logging Software

Logging software helps amateur radio operators keep track of their contacts and activities. Here are some popular open-source logging applications:

General Purpose Logger

The following items are just a collection of projects that need proper articles or sections:

Name Description Language License Platform
CQRLOG CQRLOG is an advanced ham radio logger based on MySQL database. Provides radio control based on hamlib libraries (currently support of 140+ radio types and models), DX cluster connection, online callbook, a grayliner, internal QSL manager database support and a most accurate country resolution algorithm based on country tables created by OK1RR. CQRLOG is intended for daily general logging of HF, CW & SSB contacts and strongly focused to easy operation and maintenance. Pascal GPLv2 Linux
Log4OM A free, open-source logging software that runs on Windows, with a modern interface and powerful features ? ? Windows
Cloudlog Cloudlog is an open-source PHP & MySQL based amateur radio logging application, allowing you to log contacts via a web browser on any device and platform PHP MIT license Web application
Wavelog Wavelog is a self-hosted PHP application that allows you to log your amateur radio contacts anywhere. All you need is a web browser and active internet connection. Wavelog itself is an enhanced fork of Cloudlog by 2M0SQL. PHP MIT license Web application
Klog KLog is a multiplatform free hamradio logger, providing QSO management, useful QSL management DX-Cluster client, DXCC management, DX-Marathon support and much more! C++ GPLv3 Win/Mac/Linux
QRZLogger A python application to log QSOs directly to from the command line Python BSD Win/Mac/Linux
YFKlog YFKlog is a general purpose ham radio logbook for Linux and Unix operating systems. It runs in text mode, which means it can easily be used on a remote server, even from Windows computers with PuTTY. Perl GPLv2 Linux
Xlog Xlog, a logging program for Amateur Radio Operators C GPLv3 Linux
QLog QLog is an Amateur Radio logging application for Linux, Windows and Mac OS. It is based on the Qt framework and uses SQLite as database backend. QT GPLv3 Win/Mac/Linux
tSotaLog tSotaLog is a simple FLOSS Ham Radio app specifically desgined to SOTA (Summit on the Air) QSOs. It is a fork from the more general TOTALOG which is designed to log for small contests and portable operation OpenJDK MIT license Android
PyQSO PyQSO is a logging tool for amateur radio operators. It provides a simple graphical interface through which users can manage information about the contacts/QSOs they make with other operators on the air. All information is stored in a light-weight SQL database. Python GPLv3 Linux
Forester A web-based amateur radio logging application with fast sync, offline and rig control Go, TypeScript Apache-2.0 Win/Mac/Linux
KB6IBB SWL LoggerThe KB6IBB SWL Logger is a program designed for the shortwave radio listener. It offers shortwave specific logging of stations, with most tasks handled automatically. The program also incorporates the use of EiBi and HFCC shortwave databases for logging and looking up various known shortwave stations world wide..NET/MonoGPLv3Windows, Linux
CLLOGCLLOG is a comprehensive logging software actively developed since 1995 by DF7BE and available for MS-DOS, Windows and LINUX. Tailored for the German ham.C?MS-DOS, Windows, LINUX

Contest Logger

Not1MM“Not1MM's interface is a blatant ripoff of N1MM. It is NOT N1MM and any problem you have with this software should in no way reflect on their software.” (from the project's repository)PythonGPLv3Linux
YFKtestYFKtest is a logbook program for ham radio contests. It is easily extendable to log and score arbitrary contests. It doesn't require any installation or setup, just download and start!PerlGPLv2Linux
TLFTLF is a curses based console mode general logging and contest program for amateur radio. It supports numerous contests, including CQWW, WPX, ARRL-DX, ARRL-FD, PACC and the EU SPRINT shortwave contests, and also has general QSO and DXpedition modes. It interfaces with cwdaemon or winkeyer daemon for morse code generation and with your sound card for CW/voice keying, connects to many radios via the hamlib library, and has a built-in client for DX cluster connection.CGPLv2Linux
TucnakTucnak is a VHF/UHF/SHF logging program for hamradio contests. It supports multi bands, free input, networking, voice and CW keyer, WWL database and much more.C?Linux
adif-log-analyzeradif-log-analyzer shows your DXCC QSO progress over time. The '' script can connect to Logbook of the World and download (and update) ADIF files for you, and it can download your DXCC “cards” file for all contacts that are confirmed by the DXCC desk. The '' script will read and crunch the data in the specified ADIF file and create some useful charts from that information. It can accept LoTW adif, the adif from the 'get_lotw_adif' script, and it can use DXKeeper ADIF, too.PythonBSD 2-Clause LicenseWin/Mac/Linux
FLEcliFLEcli is a command-line tool to convert from FLE format, aka Fast Log Entry, to ADIF.GoMIT LicenseWin/Mac/Linux
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