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Digital Mode Software

Digital mode software enables communication using various digital modes. Here are some notable open-source applications:

Project Name Description Language License Platform
Fldigi free and open-source program which allows an ordinary computer's sound card to be used as a simple two-way data modem. The software is mostly used by amateur radio operators who connect the microphone and headphone connections of an amateur radio SSB or FM transceiver to the computer's headphone and microphone connections, respectively. C ? Win/Mac/Linux
WSJT-X WSJT-X (“Weak Signal Communication, by K1JT”) offers specific digital protocols optimized for EME (moonbounce), meteor scatter, and ionospheric scatter, at VHF/UHF, as well as for LF, MF, and HF propagation. The program can decode fraction-of-a-second signals reflected from ionized meteor trails and steady signals more than 10 dB below the audible threshold. WSJT-X incorporates nearly all popular capabilities of the former programs WSJT and WSPR, while adding comprehensive rig control and many other features. Check the WSJT-X page and links therein for details about modes FT4, FT8, FST4, FST4S, JT4, JT9, JT65, Q65, MSK144, and WSPR. Fortran, Python, C++, C GPLv3 Win/Mac/Linux
JTDX popular spin-off of WSJT-X ? ? Win/Mac/Linux
M17 a digital radio modulation mode which is primarily designed for voice communications on the VHF amateur radio bands, and above. The protocol has been integrated into several hardware and software projects ? ? ?
FreeDV a Digital Voice mode for HF radio. You can run FreeDV using a free GUI application for Windows, Linux and OSX that allows any SSB radio to be used for low-bit-rate digital voice. C, C++ LGPL-2.1 Win/Mac/Linux/other
Ribbit & Rattlegram A new digital text messaging mode for HF/VHF/UHF recreational and emergency communications ? ? iOS/Android
Pat Modern cross platform Winlink client (CLI and web GUI) Go MIT Win/Mac/Linux
JS8Call JS8Call is software using the JS8 Digital Mode providing weak signal keyboard to keyboard messaging to Amateur Radio Operators. C++ GPLv3 Win/Mac/Linux
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