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SM1000 FreeDV Adaptor The SM1000 allows you to run FreeDV without a PC. Connect the SM1000 to your SSB radio, and you now have Digital Voice (DV). You don’t have to buy a new radio to run Digital Voice! It’s based on a STM32F4 micro-controller, has a built in microphone, speaker amplifier, speaker, and transformer isolated interfaces to your radio. It’s just 80 x 100mm, and can be held in you hand and used like a regular PTT microphone. Or it can sit on your bench and work with your favourite headset. ?
Kenwood tnc adaptor Adaptor to connect radios with kenwood tnc connector to a pc to do e.g. packet radio by DF5PNF. It gives you audio in and out to both side and also serial port for switching ptt on the radio. ?
AIOC (All-In-One-Cable) The AIOC is a small adapter with a USB-C connector that enumerates itself as a sound-card (e.g. for APRS purposes), a virtual tty (“COM Port”) for programming and asserting the PTT (Push-To-Talk) as well as a CM108 compatible HID endpoint for CM108-style PTT (new in firmware version 1.2.0). MIT
DSPham A DSP audio processor aimed at radio amateurs GPLv3
Simple TR Switch AVU3CER's non-RF-sensing, MCU controlled Simple T/R Switch with RX Grounding -
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